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Rishikesh Day Tour has been Himalaya’s leading religious & cultural pilgrimages Tour Operator in the Uttarakhand State, to arrange a meeting with spiritually powered Himalaya’s destinations in India. Our Popular Trips are: Babaji’s footsteps & Paramhansa Yogananda and his line of gurus. Haridwar, Rishikesh , Badrinath, Mahavatar Babaji’s cave are very spiritualized destinations. Other holy trips in the Himalayas follow Char Dham – Do Dham, Shri Badrinarayan Temple, Sri Kedarnath Temple & Gomukh Trek – following the River Ganges up to its origin at 4350.

Babaji cave pilgrimage is not so much about only doing sightseeing as a tourist or being in a place as a visitor but being in place such as a pilgrim in the Himalaya at living place of Babaji Cave , you can feel reverberation of alleviated spiritual energy , where you can commune with Babaji directly. This pilgrimage opens your heart's awareness to receive universal love & Babaji’s blessings.

Doing meditation in these sacred spiritually charged places in the Himalaya, reanimate your spiritual wisdom & power, giving you key access to self-realization. Having someone else around, who is responsible & accountable to take care of all the travel logistics & lodging, it means that the pilgrims can focus all attention on being a pilgrim.

On this Babaji’s pilgrimage, you have enough time to meditate in the mornings, in the evening on your own, also at every place you travel. We provide a group leader cum tour guide in the case of a group departure or on the special request. On prior communication, we do arrange extra feasible facilities. There will also be social interaction times, while travelling with us in the Himalaya, like a meeting with priest, locals, sadhus & Sanyasi but the impression of the pilgrimage will be inward.

Rishikesh Day Tour thinks travelling in the Himalaya has always been a great adventure, but sometimes a great unexpected difficulty. The feature of our trips in the Himalaya is an unparalleled spiritually energetic destination and significant interaction & talk with people—incorporated with pleasant and affordable price of accommodations at each destination. After a day of travelling in India, it is reassuring to come home to good food and a nice hotel. We seek & arrange good hotels that are neat & clean with good vegetarian’s food.

Babaji cave pilgrimages is not so much about only doing sightseeing as a tourist, whereas being as a pilgrim in the aura of Babaji’s cave.

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