Kolkata-Heart of Autobiography of Yogi

The integral part of Autobiography of a Yogi is Kolkata in the west Bengal state of India. Boundless grace pours from the places where Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar grown together in the realm of spirituality & meditated. That energy is as alive today as forever. .

Your spiritual journey will be focused on two houses. One is Yogananda’s boyhood home at 4, Garpar Road, where he passed his childhood years of his spiritual quench. The family of Yogananda’s brother, Sananda, still living in the home, which they will open to us as a shrine. In Yogananda’s attic meditation room he “found God” and had visions of Divine Mother and Krishna. We’ll be able to meditate on this very spot. Yogananda’s father and Sri Yukteswar were brother disciples. Sri Yukteswar regularly came to this house to meditate with the family. Before Yogananda’s departure for the United States, Babaji came to bless him at the doorway to his bedroom, which is now reserved for silent meditation.

During Yogananda’s 1935-36 sojourn in Kolkata, he stayed at the home of his close friend, Tulsi Bose. Tulsi’s daughter lives in this house, and conserves the beds used by Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar, and relics of other saints who have blessed this house.

You’ll also visit the Kali Temple at Dakshineswar, sanctified by the presence of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa for much of his life, and by Yogananda, as recounted in Autobiography of a Yogi. We’ll also meditate at the house in Cossipore where Sri Ramakrishna spent his last months and had his mahasamadhi. And we’ll visit the grounds of Belur Math, headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission.

You’ll meditate at the site of Sri Yukteswar’s Serampore ashram, and visit the banyan tree at Rai Ghat, where Babaji and his disciples appeared to bless Sri Yukteswar when he finished writing The Holy Science. In Serampore we’ll meet other members of Yogananda’s family..

kolkota heart of autibiography of yogi

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