Physical Health

Physical Health-for Babaji Cave Tour

The focal part of this tour is to visit the cave of Mahavatar Babaji is located at an altitude of 2000 met. To visit Babaji cave that employs an easy level trekking from Kukuchina village, Dwarahat which requires a 60 -90 minutes trekking approach for healthy tourists, the initial part of the trek path is offroad but motorable up to 2 km nearby the cave of Mahavatar Babaji. After the tail end of offroad, tourists must trek up the Babaji Cave which takes almost 60 minutes to 90 minutes depends on the speed of trekking to the cave.

This rough trek pathway is established by small rocks. Some parts are a little steep in the path, at an angle up to 45 degrees. In some places, there are uneven steps established by big rocks. The rocky steps are of uneven size, some probably a foot high. It is clearly a trekking activity, not a normal walk. But everyone gets to the cave easily there is no problem reaching Babaji Cave, even though unfit Kriya Yogi did it many times. Trekking has been possible all season except some days in the month of January due to snowfall.

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