Physical Health- For Babaji Cave Trip

Physical Health-for Babaji Cave Trip

The focal part of this trip will be making a visit Babaji’s cave, is perched analtitude of about 2000 metres from the sea level. This part of your visitemploys an easy level trek which invests your 60 -90 minutes eachapproach for healthy participants, the initial part of this trek now itturned as motorable road about 2 km but only cars can access the nearestendpoint of this unpaved road. However, every single must trek up the finalslot of the unpaved road which takes almost 60 minutes to 90 minutes uphill foreach normal person.

This rough trek pathway is established by small rocks. Someparts are a little steep in the path, at an angle up to 45 degrees. Some placesthere are uneven steps established by big rocks. The rocky steps are at unevensize, some probably a foot high. It is clearly a trekking or climbing activity,not a normal walk. But everyone gets the cave easily there is no problem toreach up there, even though unfit people did it many times. The climbing hasbeen possible all the time for every kind of walker and climber.

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