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Rishikesh - The world capital of Yoga

Rishikesh is enchanting for the spiritually-inclined seeker. Joinlike-minded souls and dive deep in the holy reverberations of this smallHimalayan town of saints, yogis, ashrams, and yoga retreat. Parched in thefoothills of the Himalayas, on the bank of the Ganges and surrounded byHimalayan woods, Rishikesh is separated by the holy river Ganga, here she isrushing and gurgling before it enters the plains.

Thousands of ashrams, bigger and smaller in size, environ Rishikesh.Life here is focused around the holy river, as will be your trip. CelestialMother in the form of the river Ganga will create inner awareness to feel thedivine spiritual flow within. You visit places, sites, homes, ashrams, templesand caves where enlightened yogis of the bygone have lived. And, you always get free time to explore on your own spiritual & material relationship with this enchanting & energetic place.

Rishikesh the world Yoga capital

This is a cultural & religious trip as you’llaccommodate at a lovely hotel just 2 minutes’ walk from the river bank also youvery close to the main market. If you wish, you can plan a small trip to visit the old market of this holy town.

All morning you ’ll meditate on the bank of the river or in the neighbourhood ashrams. You’ll live the evening religious celebration theGanga Arati at Parmarth Niketan Ashram. On a quiet stretch of riverbank,you’ll visit the cave of Mauni Baba that was a hermitage of a sage who neverspoke a single word in his life and next day a half-day excursion to the cavethat was a home to Sage Maharshi Vashishta, then walk to nearby Ghat rockybeach for an ablution ceremony. Downstream from the cave, there is another cavewhere Swami Kriyananda mediated for a month in solitude.

You’ll make a day excursion to Haridwar, anotherholy town 25 km downstream from Rishikesh, there, you observe silence very nextto the ashes of Lahiri Mahasaya at the ashram of Swami Keshavananda, at theSamadhi Temple of Anandamayee Ma and Swami Sivananda, and in the Bhajan Hallwhere non-stop chanting of “HarebKrishna, Hare Rama” since 1942. You will also pay a visit the Kriya Yoga Ashramof Swami Shankarananda. You will take some moment out of your busy schedule programmeto go quite in meditation, and share aninsightful, spiritual time together

Proposed Itinerary

Day 1-

Morning walk and yogic exercises, meditation at bank of the river Ganga. Breakfast at hotel. Later you drive to visit Divine Life Society, Sivananda Samadhi site and Ashram. Then explore by walks Lakshman Jhula area, optional shopping, and walking back along river pathway.

Day 2-

Morning walk and Yoga & Asana along river bank, followed by meditation at Ghat area, later back to hotel for the Breakfast. Later you will visit Ashram along with Beatles Ashram , later in the evening you can join the Ganga Arati at Parmarth Ashram before dinner.

Day 3-

Morning after breakfast drive to Vashishta cave, located at a distance 25 km from Rishikesh, for meditation, free time full of silence beside the river, optional dip in the river water. While heading back to Rishikesh en-route stop visit Kriya Yoga temple & Ashram and then have relax time, hotel for dinner.

Day 3-

After breakfast at Hotel you check out and drive to Haridwar city to allocate the morning time at Ashram of Ma Anandamayai, followed by lunch near Har-Ki-Pauri, later visit Swami Keshavananda’s ashram where kept some portion of Lahiri Mahasaya’s ashes. Later in the afternoon, drive directly for the Dehradun Airport to catch a flight for New Delhi.

Physical fitness for this trip

There are a good number of stone stairs at various attractions. Moreover, at the door of the temple, you are obliged to take off shoes at doorsteps. You can take them slowly but they can’t be avoided. you’ll also consider a moderate amount of walking as a group or as solo. Here, in Rishikesh, most of attractions can only be approached by walks or with a good number of stone stairs at many attractions.

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