Anandamayi Ashram: A Lesson In Peace One such holy person was Ma Anandamayi. Even today a visit to her ashram in Haridwar will leave you content and at peace. Where the author of the “AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF YOGI “ Sri  Paramahansa Yogananda Ji paid a visit in this Ashram during his spiritual journey in the Himalaya. Come and realise how wonderful the power of Ma Anandamayi Haridwar’s Ashram.

Ma Anandamayi Ashram: A Lesson In Peace

The popular Ma Anandamayi Ashram is a highly revered and pious spiritual place is located in the holy city of Haridwar. Where the author of the “AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF YOGI “ Sri  Paramahansa Yogananda Ji paid a visit in the Ashram during his spiritual journey in the Himalaya.

Ma Anandamayi was a Bengali mystical figure who preached of peace and violence and gave out her sermons. Many incidents suggest that she was truly a deity of prosperity and spirituality. No matter where she went, people used to magically be attracted to her positivity and some even sat for hours just listening to her sermons. Several legends also suggest that she mystically healed a little girl after just appearing in front of her.

Ma Anandamayi was so popular that eminent personalities like Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yuktshwar Giri and Sri Parmahansa Yogananda, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru and many others have visited her ashram to seek peace and guidance. Till today people from all around the globe come here to find the meaning of life and practice meditation in peace.

Location of the Ashram

The Ashram is located at the town of Kankhal, about 3 km from the Har-Ki- Pauri Ganga Gaht and it houses the grave or samadhi of Ma Anandamayi. In other words, the ashram can also be termed as a mausoleum. Many Ashrams in India are centred around Ma Anandamayi. However, this ashram in Kankhal is the only one that has her remains.

The Ashram Complex

Maa Anadamayi Ashram Haridwar

The complex of the ashram is not only dedicated to the white marble crypt that houses the remains of Ma Anandamayi. The ashram complex has several buildings that are maintained extremely well. You can visit Gayatri Yagnashala, Ati Rudra Yagnashala, Rudraksha Tree, Shankaracharya Hall, Annapurnasthal, Ma Anandamayi Museum and Ma Anandamayi Vidyapeeth in the Ashram.

All of these buildings will give you a great insight into the life of Ma Anandamayi, and help you understand her captivating charm in a more insightful way. You can also just sit anywhere and practice meditation here. There is ample amount of space in the complex, which allows you to just sit and be with your thoughts without any external disturbance.

The Ashram Surroundings

As you enter the complex you will be surprised by how clean and pristine it is. The samadhi. The wonderful grave of Ma Anandamayi is housed in a large white marble temple. The temple is surrounded by lovely plants that make it more alluring. There is complete silence all around the people, as this is a necessity. As you approach the temple I felt a strong sense of tranquillity flowing, liberating you.

Once inside the temple, You notice that the stone tomb is enclosed by a metalwork screen. The tomb is also covered with fresh flowers. The room itself smells so sweet, and you can smell the aroma from the fresh flowers filling up your lungs and make your heart swoon.

There was a little old woman who carefully placed the flowers in the most meticulous way possible. She was doing it with such love and devotion, and few more men and women came who all engaged themselves in taking care of the tomb and the area.

There is also a wonderful while marble sculpture of Ma Anandamayi faces. It is sculpted so mesmerisingly. Her expression is calm and collected. Her face was glowing as if some king of an aura was emanating from the sculpture.


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