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Tourist Spots Around Babaji's cave

Babaji’s Cave : If you wish to visit Babaji’s Cave first you have to travel to Dwarahat -Kukuchina, in the mountains of Dunagiri in north India. This journey employs a road trip until the Kukuchina,Kukuchina is a small hamlet,lies in the remote Himalayas after that it’sreally a good amount of climbing and treks 60-90 minutes, are involved to reachat the cave with mesmerizing landscapes to the cave. As you reach thecave, you need to take off your shoes outside to go inside. You find a goodspace to accommodate comfortably so you can observe your silence and a briefindividual meditation session.

Pandukholi : From Kukuchina village, there is a 3-kilometre moderate trekking pathway to reach this mountaintop temple, is calledPandukholi and only trekking activity is the only way to visit it. The word Pandukholistands for Pandava’s shelter. It is saidthat when Pandavas came into the Himalaya in exile for 14 years, as quoted inthe Hindu epic Mahabharata, Pandavas felt this place very secret &remote during the final year of secret exile “Agyatvas”.

According to the legends, once the Pandavas were running to hide one place to another place, not to disclose their true identity as a king, so,in the course of “Agyatvas’ period, the Kauravas were chasing to disclose their secrecy of hiding around in the hills of Kumaon region. It is also saidthat Kukuchina is tail endpoint which the Kauravas reached, afterKukuchina they lost hope & went back. Hence, this place hasoriginally spelt name ‘ Kauravchina’ by locals which in the course of time,came to be misspelt ‘Kukuchina’. The Hermitage of Garg Rishi and SukhdevRishi is on the way to Kukuchina.

Vaishno Devi Temple: Dunagirihills is enchanting a top-secret very pious shrine of Mata Vaishnavi, is a Shakti Peetha in the Himalaya. It is a very powerful temple in Dunagiri. WhereGoddess Bhairavi, a female manifestation of Lord Shiva, she turns into a householdergoddess “ Vaishnavi “to grant liberation to her follower.

SukhadeviTemple & Ashram: 5 km drive from Kuckuchina.It is famous as the top viewpoint in the area for the 360-degree views stretching 100sof kilometres in the Himalaya.

1000 years old Dwarahat group of Hindu temples: It is a historical town of Uttarakhand, also called as “Uttari Dwaraka” or North Dwaraka – Dwarka stands for “ Lord Krishna’s residents.There is a group of 55 structured temples, there are architecturally very richand are ASI monuments, they were all built up in between 10th to 12thCE. Dwarahat is also famous as a city oftemples in the Uttarakhand State of India.

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